Alain Ughetto’s charming animated story of his grandparents relocation from Italy to France in the first half of the 20th century.

In this captivating and utterly charming animation, seasoned French documentarian Alain Ughetto follows the true story of his grandparent’s relocation from a mountain village in Ughettera, Northern Italy to start a new life in France. Set during times of great hardship, it combines moving, family centred neo realist storytelling with exquisite stop frame animation. The expressive moulded characters are combined with imaginative use of makeshift props – sugar cubes as bricks, sprigs of broccoli as trees – and Ughetto occasionally breaks the fourth wall to insert his creative hands into the story to adjust the set and connect himself with his descendants.

Based on childhood conversations with his grandmother and spanning four decades of war, famine, flu, fascism – and, above all, love – it’s a touching and often humorous story of resilience and new beginnings.

“Takes us through the first half of the 20th century and is touched by the many strokes of fate, but also by the charming and always humorous staging, which comes to life above all with the wonderful love story of the puppet couple at the center of what is being told”

– Out Now

  Sat 16th Sept – 6:30pm
  70 mins
Country: France / Italy / Switzerland / Portugal
Language: Italian / French / German w/subs
Year: 2022
Genre: Animation
Recommended: 12+

Director: Alain Ughetto

Cast: Ariane Ascaride, Alain Ughetto, Stefano Paganini


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