Three prisoners go back to their communities on 48 hours leave in this moving and thought-provoking drama.

Three long term inmates are coming to the end of their prison sentences.  As part of their parole, they are each given a 48 hour pass to go back to their communities.  All are advised to spend it with family.  Wise words, but what if the families are not happy to see you after all this time?  Or the lure of the criminal world is too seductive?

Former documentary film maker Eve Duchemin moves to features with this moving and thought-provoking drama. Her unique visual style brings an air of realism to her subject matter, retaining a verité feel but remaining warmly cinematic thanks to richly textured cinematography and snappy editing – a drink and drug fuelled nightclub scene being a highlight. 

“Eve Duchemin takes an intense yet subtle approach to depict the impossibility of three prisoners allowing themselves to enjoy life while on leave”

– Cineuropa

  Fri 22nd Sept – 6.00pm
  115 mins
Country: Belgium / France
Language: French w/subs
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
Recommended: 18+

Director: Eve Duchemin

Cast: Karim Leklou, Issaka Sawadogo, Jarod Cousyns


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