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13 - 22 September 2024

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Events taking place across the year, not just during the festival…

South Korea – Country in Focus

For the 2024 edition of Cheltenham International Film Festival, we are excited to make Korea our country of focus.


A progamme about, for, and with young filmmakers and new audiences of cinema…

What happened in 2023
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Ken Loach – UK premiere of his final film

Ken Loach, has announced his retirement with his last film, The Old Oak, a tale about traditional communities and the changing profile of those communities in Britain.  We screened the UK premiere on 18 September in the presence of the director, Ken Loach.

Sir Stephen Frears – A director’s tribute

The film festival launches it’s Director’s Tribute to the newly-knighted Sir Stephen Frears who joined us on 23rd September.  The occasion included a retrospective of Stephen’s work, plus a conversation with broadcaster and journalist, Matthew Sweet, in front of a live audience.

Timothy Spall – Bolan’s Shoes

Popular actor, and winner of Cannes Film Festival Best Actor award, Timothy Spall, came to Cheltenham on 16th September with his latest film, Bolan’s Shoes.  Fans of Timothy and lovers of Marc Bolan and T. Rex music will love this film. 


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Incoming Chair of BAFTA, Sara Putt, to lead jury at Cheltenham International Film Festival

BAFTA & Oscar 2023 winner – Tom Berkeley – joins the panel

Cheltenham International Film Festival 2023

The film festival announces new dates with a planned programme of special events, new strands and a line up of guests in the works


Sara Putt : Chair

Sara, Managing Director of Sara Putt Associates, established the agency in 1989. SPA is the leading agency representing behind the camera technical and production talent, from producers and directors through to Heads of Department and crew. Sara became Chair of BAFTA in 2023 and is a BAFTA Trustee. She also sits on the Board of the British Film Commission.

Tom Berkley

Tom, along with co-director, Ross White, both from Gloucester, won an Oscar and a BAFTA for short film, An Irish Goodbye, in 2023. An Irish Goodbye was the first short film in 30 years to win both an Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Live Action Short Film. And, Tom (and Ross) are the youngest British filmmakers to win an Oscar.

Jonathan Dean

Jonathan is senior writer at The Sunday Times culture section, where he spends a lot of time meeting very famous people. For instance, Paul McCartney told him about the time he saw God, and Martin Scorsese was convinced that he looked just like his friend. In his spare time he tries to get his children into the music of Vampire Weekend. It’s a hobby.

Laurie Bell

Laurie is CEO of The Cheltenham Trust, lead provider of culture and leisure in Cheltenham. The Trust manages venues, Pittville Pump Room and Cheltenham Town Hall, among others, where it co-presents live events bringing notable talent from music, drama, comedy to the town. The Trust is also guardian of Cheltenham’s heritage sustaining and developing its venues.

Michael Bourne

Michael is Chair of Cheltenham Film Society (CFS), founded in 1945, and is the oldest and largest film society in the UK. The society is dedicated to screening independent films from all over the world. The object of the society is “to advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts, particularly the art of film and allied visual techniques”.

Carl Hunter

Carl received critical success with his debut feature Sometime Always Never, starring Bill Nighy, which premiered at Cheltenham International Film Festival in 2019. He has collaborated with author/screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce on projects like Grow Your Own and is also busy as documentary filmmaker; bass player with Liverpool pop band, The Farm; a Senior Fellow at The Institute for Creative Enterprise; and a member of BAFTA.

Neil Ramjee

Neil is Community Manager for the British Film Institute (BFI) hub in the South West and West Midlands of England. They are both part of the BFI Film Audience Network, an initiative to support the independent cultural exhibition sector and boost film audiences across the UK for specialised and independent British film.


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