Special Events

Cheltenham International Film Festival marks its fifth anniversary by introducing more live and special events to bring our audience, filmmakers, artists and their work, closer together. We are privileged to have the opportunity to welcome the great and the celebrated to Cheltenham, we hope you enjoy the occasions.



In line with other film festivals, Cheltenham is to recognise the creative merit of television production – terrestrial and streaming.  This year and in coming years, we plan to premiere and preview television series and welcome the creatives to include show runners, producers, directors and cast following screenings to discuss their programmes.  We also plan to look back and to review successful television from the past, with the creatives, in front of a live audience.Anatomy of a Television (Comedy) Series – from genesis to cult status

Celebrated comedy writing duo, Laurence Mark and Maurice Gran, (Shine on Harvey Moon, The New Statesman, Goodnight Sweetheart, Love Hurts) share their remembrances, stories and more about the journey from genesis to cult status of their most successful comedy series, Birds of A Feather. And share their memories of the series with one of its stars Linda Robson in front of a live audience.

Boiling Point

We preview the second series of the successful BBC drama Boiling Point.

Location Shoots

How important is location film and television production to a town like Cheltenham.  A panel/discussion led by A.N. Other of the BBC pus……

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Live Events

Starting last year with the successful “An Afternoon with Dame Judi Dench”, we shall continue to produce live events during the film festival and this year we launch a new series of special award presentations as part of our live events programme. 

Sir Stephen Frears – a tribute

We are delighted to welcome Sir Stephen Frears to Cheltenham for our festival tribute to his long career and contribution to the legacy of great cinema.   Our tribute takes place on Saturday evening, 23 September, in front of a live audience.  Stephen has enjoyed much success with films like The Queen, Philomena, Dangerous Liaisons, Dirty Pretty Things and been nominated for and /or won every major award from Oscars, through to BAFTAs, Golden Globes, Emmys and recognition at International film festivals Venice, Berlin, Cannes

Stephen will discuss his career and be joined on stage by one of his collaborators on My Beautiful Laundrette and Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, the esteemed playwright, screenwriter and novelist, Hanif Kuresihi.  The event will be moderated by broadcaster/writer Matthew Sweet. 

A.N. Other- celebration of a career in films  

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