CineYouth at CIFF 2023

CineYouth Launched on several fronts...

CineYouth launched on several fronts. We selected a programme of short films from young filmmakers and edited them into one feature length screening called “On The Dark Side” at The Everyman. Demand was such that we quickly had to programme a second screening on the same day attended by students from the University of Gloucestershire. Feedback from the young attendees was very positive.

It is worth noting here that we are proud to have screened a first short film last year by Tom Berkeley, who earlier this year achieved the rare distinction of picking up, both, a BAFTA and an Oscar for his short film, An Irish Goodbye.

We organised the first of several events we have planned for the National Star College. Two American producers/directors, Perry Poussard Jr and Henry Farnam, came to Cheltenham to share their experience of working with and filming with young people with disabilities. By way of example, we screened their American sit-com pilot starring a young man with Down’s Syndrome to residents of the College.

We organised a visit by the director of the critically-acclaimed film Fremont, Babak Jalali, who joined with the director of the film festival, Leslie Sheldon, the day after the screening to discuss his film and filmmaking with sixth formers at Bourneside School.

We move forward now with CineYouth in-between film festivals as part of our year-round programme to engage young people with the culture of cinema, the art of filmmaking and the opportunities for a career in films.

And, we shall continue to give free entry to all of our films and events during and in-between festivals to youth in the community which is why we are grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund and our supporters for allowing us to continue our work with young people.


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