Top Five Perfect Casting Choices

The films that audiences tend to remember all centre around specific moments or characters, proving that the actor who plays them can make or break a film. So for this list, I have chosen my personal top five actors who I think were THE perfect casting choice for their particular role. If you think I’ve missed someone or agree with my choices, leave a comment! To discover my top ten, visit my film review website here.

Jack Nicolson ‘shines’ in The Shining

5. Jack Nicholson – Johnny Torrance
The Shining 
Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, ‘ The Shining’ centres on Jack Nicholson’s character and his family who look after the Overlook Hotel during the winter shutdown. Nobody could embody the essence of pure animalistic rage or descent into terrifying madness as well as Nicholson could. His face and voice just cannot be matched in creating such a sinister character, really giving life and bringing true fear to the film. Also in a rarity here, Nicholson was allowed to improvise (he came up with the infamous ‘Here’s Johnny!’), something Kubrick never allowed due to his extremely precise filmmaking. 

Uma Thurman ‘killing it’ in Kill Bill

4. Uma Thurman – The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo
Kill Bill 
The first of Tarantino’s casting choices to make my list. Kill Bill is an excellent saga, following ‘The Bride’ out for revenge against her ex and his band of assassins for killing her baby and attempting to kill her. Uma Thurman was part of the process of creating this character. This is actually shown in the credits, again a rare sign of trust and shared creative control from a director protective of his work. Nobody could play this role like she does, she is strong but sensitive and never falls into the stereotypes that this character could so have easily become. One of the best female characters of all time, played to perfection by Uma Thurman, who I believe could not be matched by anyone for this part.

‘A boy’s best friend is his mother’

3. Anthony Perkins – Norman Bates
Bit of an older choice here, but this one has really stood the test of time. Now whilst I loved Freddie Highmore’s take on this character in the prequel/sequel/modernisation of Bates Motel, I still think Anthony Perkins manages to play this role just right. The combination of sweet, boy next door to creepy, voyeuristic, murderous motel owner is a fine line to tread in ‘Psycho’, and I think that only Anthony Perkins has come close to being able to balance them both at the same time and not stray too far into being overtly strange from the beginning. 

It was a ‘bingo’ to snag Christoph Waltz for this role!

2. Christoph Waltz – Hans Landa
Inglourious Basterds
The role that catapulted Christoph Waltz to fame and earned him his first Oscar for Supporting Actor. The Nazi ‘Jew-hunter’ in other hands would be a one-dimensional, standard villain; but here Waltz manages to create a charismatic, charming and enigmatic character who is often lauded as Tarantino’s best character. Apparently the rumour was that Leonardo DiCaprio was originally sought after to play Landa, but I can’t imagine it being anywhere like this, can you?

‘Frank’ly nobody can best Tim Curry in his role as Frank ‘N’ Furter

1. Tim Curry – Frank ‘N’ Furter
Rocky Horror Picture Show
This musical truly was one of the defining experiences that made me realise my absolute passion for film. I’ve seen this musical on stage now 3-4 times I think (once with Richard O’Brien, amazing!) and the closest person to Tim Curry is definitely David Bedella. But as the original casting choice, Tim Curry is the man who invented the cool, sleek, chic charm and gender-fluid Frank ‘N’ Furter in this film (and originally on stage). Everyone I’ve ever seen who has taken this role have mostly been very good, and sometimes quite different, both all of them borrow time and again from Tim Curry and none of them match his iconic performance…or wear heels and a corset as well he does for that matter…

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