The Crying Game

Every year, Cheltenham International Film Festival will include retrospectives to recognise the contribution made by filmmakers, actors, films to the legacy of great cinema.

We kick off our first retrospective with The Crying Game, released 30 years ago and premiered at Venice Film Festival in 1992.  The film was directed by Neil Jordan, produced by Stephen Woolley and starred Stephen Rea, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Dunbar, Jaye Davidson and Oscar-winning actor, Forest Whitaker.

The film was a critical hit and commercial success, dealing with multi-issues of  race, sex, nationality, and sexuality against the backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, nominated for and winning BAFTAs and Oscars.  The Crying Game is a cinema classic and in 1999, the British Film Institute (BFI) named it the 26th greatest British film of all time.

In 2022, 30 years after it premiered at Venice, Cheltenham International Film Festival is delighted to welcome the film’s producer Stephen Woolley confirmed and cast member, Adrian Dunbar (tbc)  to Cheltenham where we plan to engage Stephen and Adrian in conversation in front of a live audience.


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