A dreamlike romance between a young woman who can’t distinguish music and an lonely DJ.

What would your life be like if you couldn’t listen to music? If the tonalities of music caused you pain and disorientation? Such a condition is called Amusia, and that is what Livia (Carlotta Gamba) is living with. A condition that has driven her away from friends and family. At the vibrant, neon lit Motel Amor, Livia forms a bond with the receptionist Lucio (Giampiero De Concilio), and a relationship begins to develop. However, Lucio is an aspiring DJ for whom music is life. Can the young couple overcome these difficulties?

Set in a small, visually striking Italian town in the 1980’s, this ethereal romance immerses us in Livia’s disconcerting music-less world with evocative sound design and expressive visuals and location work. With a faraway look in her eyes, Carlotta Gamba is a beguiling presence in the central role, while veteran French actress Fanny Ardant is also on fine form as a mother trying to understand the strange undiagnosed malaise inhabiting her daughter.

Director Marescotti Ruspoli will be attending the screening. Fanny Ardant and lead actress Carlotta Gamba will join us online.

“An ethereal, at times dreamlike work, which is visually refined and well-acted, and which boasts impressive sound design”

– Cineuopa

  Thurs 21st Sept – 8.20pm
  91 mins
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Recommended: 15+

Director: Marescotti Ruspoli

Cast: Fanny Ardant, Maurizio Lombardi, Adriano Chiaramida


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