A young shepherd comes of age in a community where climate change is provoking tribal warfare.

If you are looking for proof of the ravages of climate change, then look no further than this astonishing documentary set in Eastern Kenya, where the droughts, coupled with hotter temperatures, are destroying the farming communities that live there. We follow two brothers, Kole and Patrick who are both trying to survive in the face of dwindling resources which have resulted in theft and armed territorial disputes among neighbouring tribes. As Kole endures some gruelling rites of passage rituals, he has some big choices to make about his future.

Winner of best documentary and cinematography at Tribeca, it features stunning, powerfully symbolic wildlife photography and captures traditions and lifestyles that are rapidly disappearing. The tribe’s spiritual belief that “Nature is a vindictive beast, the only thing worthy of fear” proving to be spot on.

Followed by a post film discussion hosted by Caroline Corsie, Senior Land Advisor for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

“An immersive experience into a land few people know much about “

– Variety

  Wed 20th Sept – 7.30pm
  The Roses
  82 mins
Country: USA / Kenya
Language: Swahilli
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
Recommended: 15+

Directors: Andrew H Brown, Moses Thuranira

Cast: Patrick Achucka, Kole James


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