A moving story of survival, obsession and human connection set against the spectacular backdrop of the Himalayas.

Annapurna in Nepal is one of the most dangerous mountains in the world to try to climb. What drives a person to attempt that feat? In the case of Mateo (Javier Rey), it’s to fulfil a promise following a recent loss in his life. However, his first attempt fails badly, and he would have died if not rescued by Ione (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz), a fellow climber who has all but cut herself off from civilisation. Can these two people overcome their personal demons to triumph over the elements?

Combining the intimate with the epic, this strikingly filmed drama focuses as much on the inner journeys and motivations of its two protagonists as the physical difficulties, with Annapurna becoming a metaphor for overcoming personal tragedy and grief. The fantastic cinematography and impressive climbing footage really immerses us in their frigid environment, you can feel the frostbite!

“The perfect excuse for mountaineers and enthusiasts of vertical climbing to immerse themselves in a psychological journey “

– Fotogames

  Sat 16th Sept – 6:30pm
  95 mins
Country: Spain / France
Language: Spanish w/subs
Year: 2022
Genre: Thriller
Recommended: 15+

Director: Ibon Cormenzana

Cast: Javier Rey, Blana Apilanez, Kandido Uranga


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