This opulent biopic about little known Czech composer Josef Myslivecek is a feast for the senses.

Coming from very humble beginnings in the 18th Century, Czech composer Josef Myslivecek (played by Vojtech Dyk, also a composer), charms his way into rich patronage, leading to a huge success in Italian opera.  Largely forgotten today, this epic feature is a reminder of Myslivecek’s undoubted talent.  Eventually he became a friend and mentor to a young Mozart (a scene stealing turn from the prodigious young musician Phillip Amadeus Hahn) and learning what true musical genius is.  

While the obvious touchstone is Milos Forman’s Oscar winning Amadeus, in shining the spotlight on a little-known composer and the powerful women who helped him realise his potential, it also brings to mind recent release Chevalier. With flamboyant opera sequences performed by real life opera stars and opulent production design, this passionately delivered drama is a feast for the senses.

“Sumptuously recreating the late 18th century ambience of musicians, singers and their noble patrons with a lavishness and authenticity Visconti would have appreciated, the film sweeps the viewer into its quaint and lusty world.”

– The Film Verdict

  Sun 17th Sept – 5:30pm
  140 mins
Country: Czech Republic / Italy / Slovakia
Language: Czech / Italian / German
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama / History / Music
Recommended: 15+

Director: Petr Vaclav

Cast: Vojtech Dyk, Barbara Ronchi, Elena Radonicich


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