Linas gets custody of his teenage daughter, but her rebellious best friend also has designs on him.

Linas is a recovering alcoholic whose life takes a turn when he unexpectedly gets custody of his estranged seventeen-year-old daughter. As they adjust to life under the same roof, Leva’s rebellious best friend Maja begins to spend more and more time at their home, putting an additional strain on the father daughter relationship. As a growing attraction between the flirtatious Maja and the quietly charismatic Linas develops, it creates a dangerous dynamic that could derail all the work Linas has done.

Focusing on the “recovering” rather than the “alcoholic” and the AA’s final “Ninth Step”- to repair damage caused to other people – this well written and performed domestic drama handles it’s moral quandaries well and is equally perceptive in it’s portrayal of teenage friendship and obsession.

“Makes us appreciate the figure of a father who tries, despite the difficulties and addiction to alcohol, to do the right thing and to keep on the moral straight and narrow”

– Cinreuropa

  Wed 20th Sept – 6:40pm
  90 mins
Country: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian w/subs
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Recommended: 15+

Director: Irma Puzauskaite

Cast: Valentin Novopolskij, Gerda Ciuraite, Angelina Daukaite


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