Luis Bunuel’s highly acclaimed story of rebellion and sexual liberation.

Set in the 1920’s, Catherine Deneuve stars as a young woman who becomes the ward to local nobleman Don Lope (Fernando Rey). However, Don Lope sees Tristana as an object of sexual desire, whilst also stating she has the freedom to live her life as she wants. When Tristana eventually shows her independence, there are unexpected consequences for everyone.

Despite Bunuel’s protestations, the film was Oscar nominated at the time of original release. Catherine Deneuve, on the other hand, calls it her favourite of all her films.

“The film is so full of riches, so perfectly constructed to gain the maximum effect with the minimum of fuss, that it can be enjoyed on many levels”

– Daily Telegraph

  Thurs 21st Sept – 7.00pm
  & Sat 23rd Sept – 11.30am

  The Roses
  99 mins
Country: Spain / Italy / France 
Language: Spanish w/subs 
Year: 1970
Genre: Drama
Certificate: PG

Director: Luis Bunuel

Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Fernando Rey, Franco Nero


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