A Singaporean widow makes an impromptu trip to Korea in a crowd-pleasing journey of self discovery.

Auntie, a Singaporean widow who is obsessed with Korean soap operas, is looking forward to a once in a lifetime trip to Seoul with her son to visit the locations of her favourite shows. When he pulls out and she discovers the trip is non-refundable, she decides to go anyway, despite having never been abroad before. A starring role in her own soap opera awaits, including cultural misunderstandings, car chases, a touch of romance and a personal narrative which loosely mirrors her favourite series about a young man trying to reconnect with his mother.

A wonderfully warm late life coming of age tale, Auntie is an endearing character to route for and is joined on her journey of self-discovery by an eclectic supporting cast.

“Emotionally rewarding caper about second chances and living life to the fullest”

– South China Morning Post

 Tues 19th Sept – 6:30pm
  90 mins
Country: Singapore / South Korea
Language: Mandarin / Korean w/subs
Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy
Recommended: 15+

Director: HE Shuming

Cast: Hong Huifang, Kang Hyoung-suk, Jung Dong-hwan


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