DH Lawrences novella The Fox is relocated to a remote farm in Alsace.

Alsace, France late Summer 1918.  While the World War rages elsewhere, Luise (Luise Aschenbrenner) is having to work her remote farm alone following the recent death of her mother. Then the mysterious Elsa (Christa Theret) appears and offers to help in return for food and lodging. The arrangement works well, until another stranger – a German deserter called Hermann (Leonard Kunz) arrives.  Initially the three work well together, but as they get closer, secrets from their respective pasts are revealed to shocking effect.  

This impressively performed drama unfolds largely in the confines of an isolated cottage, where the claustrophobic atmosphere heightens the growing attraction between the two women, provoking jealousy and piousness from the young soldier. A loose adaptation of DH Lawrence’s novella The Fox, with the multilingual region being a fitting place to explore his themes of sexuality and gender roles.

“Lyrical nature shots, prototypical figures and a trace of rustic romance give Matthias Luthardt’s revisionist novel adaptation the enraptured atmosphere of a fairy tale”

– Movie Break

 Wed 20th Sept – 6:30pm
  98 mins
Country: Germany / France
Language: Gernam / French w/subs
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama / Period
Recommended: 15+

Director: Matthias Luthardt

Cast: Luise Aschenbrenner, Christa Théret, Leonard Kunz


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