Tilda Swinton plays both a mother and her daughter in Joanna Hoggs enthralling new drama.

Tilda Swinton turns in an extraordinary dual performance in this haunting semi autobiographical new film from acclaimed writer / director Joanna Hogg. Julie (Swinton) is a middle-aged film maker who takes her elderly mother (also Swinton) to a secluded Welsh hotel for her birthday. A former family home, the hotel is full of memories and Juile hopes it will shed light on aspects of her mother’s past that have so far eluded her and provide material for her next film. As secrets are revealed, it forces them both to confront some hidden truths.

The mist-shrouded hotel, with unexplained bumps in the night and ghostly apparitions at the window may suggest a gothic horror, but the ghosts that haunt the pair reside firmly in their memories. Featuring the naturalistic dialogue and the wry humour that have become Hogg trademarks, the film also connects with her acclaimed Souvenir films, though you don’t need to have seen those to enjoy unravelling the mysteries of this enthralling drama.

“Magnificent… one of Hogg’s richest and most expansive films”

– The Atlanic

 Tues 19th Sept – 8:20pm
  96 mins
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Certificate: 12a

Director: Joanna Hogg

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Carly-Sophia Davies, Joseph Mydell, Louis


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