This moving story of the healing power of cinema is a must see for any cineaste.

In the 1980’s, Saul Birnbaum (Simon Abkarian) runs a Jack Rabbit Slims style diner, with his film maker friend Joakin (Django Schrevens), dedicated to both food and films. On the surface, they appear to be two successful businessmen. Underneath, both are suffering trauma – Saul narrowly escaped the Holocaust, while Joakin channels his own experience of fleeing Pinochet’s Chilean dictatorship into a period drama about Sauls escape from Nazi Germany as a child. All this hidden tension is finally released when Saul begins a relationship with Hannah (Pascale Arbillot), the mysterious projectionist at the local cinematheque.

Abkarian is superb as the charismatic, movie loving Saul, who frequently entertains his guests with film quizzes and impressions. A passionate love letter to cinema featuring a slew of references to classic movies – including its own film within a film – this is a must see for any cineaste.

“Between dramatic and romantic comedy, a historic episode, this film is carried by a generous and touching Simon Abkarian as a colossus with feet of clay supported by a lovely cast. An ode to love, to cinema and to that part of dream that it can instil in everyone”

– Le Parisian

 Thurs 21st Sept – 8.10pm
  112 mins
Country: Belgium / France / Luxumborg
Language: Yiddish / Gernam / French w/subs
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama / Comedy / Period
Recommended: 15+

Director: Nicholas Steil

Cast: Simon Abkarian, Pascale Arbillot, Django Schrevens


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