Introducing Cheltenham International Film Festival






Cheltenham International Film Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2023 with a programme of film premieres and previews, special events, new festival themes and celebrity guests. This year we premiere, among others, The Miracle Club with Dame Maggie Smith and Laura Linney, The Trouble With Jessica with Rufus Sewell and The Old Oak, Ken Loach’s final film.

Since launch, the festival has screened and streamed the best of international cinema and welcomed celebrated names including: Polish Oscar-nominated director, Jan Komasa, Mike Leigh, Steven Berkoff andDame Judi Dench. This year we have the pleasure to host Sir Stephen Frears and Ken Loach, among others, and now stand alongside Cheltenham’s other prestigious arts festivals adding value to Cheltenham ‘The Festival Town’

We are introducing television into the film festival with several events including celebrity panels and preview of the new BBC television series, Boiling Point.  And, we have film screenings under the stars for the first time at different locations. Spain is our Country Focus with films such as On The Fringe, starring Penelope Cruz.

As a charity, we always look for support to carry on with our mission to translate artistic and creative values into social and economic benefits for the town.  Click here to join us on our mission as a Friend or Community Partner or contact us on








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