Integral to the Festival is “Open Call”, a series of master classes in the arts & crafts of filmmaking taken by film industry professionals with many years of experience. Open Call as the name suggests is open to all.

Master classes were introduced in 2019 and immediately proved popular with students of film as well as members of the public looking for a peek behind the scenes to see how the magic of film is created. Festival master classes also included a series on the business of film production: how to approach a new film production, what to look for in a film festival and how to access funds from the BFI, among others.

The programme in 2020 will include: cinematography, special effects, make-up, casting even stunt choreography conducted, among others, by Oscar-nominated craftsmen. The master classes will once again include the business of film production: what you need to know about producing a film, how to finance a film, the business of film festival and more, conducted by film business professionals, producers, financiers, legal and financial advisors.