Booking events, both Live and Online, is done through our online shop.*

Browse the Programme and fill your basket, before creating an account and checking out.

*The only exceptions are ‘An Afternoon with Dame Judi’ at Pittville Pump Rooms and events at The Roses, which can only be booked directly with the venues. Our website will take you through to their booking page.


Live Festival

Show your receipt of purchase email at the door - this is your ticket.

Online Festival

Online films will appear as a list in 'My Library' once purchased - found in the ‘Booking’ drop down menu above. You will be able to watch you titles once their programmed release date is reached - usually at 12-midnight after the Live event.

Notes on watching online:

Once the programmed release date for a film is reached, you will only have 3-10 days to purchase that film if you haven't already, title dependent.

Once you have purchased the film, you have 28 days to begin watching. 

Once you have begun watching, you will have 48 hours to finish viewing your film.


Individual Tickets

Live Festival:

  • Standard - £12
  • Under 25s - £5

Online Festival:

  • Household Ticket - £12


Passes this year work in the form of us giving you money for free!

Buy one of our passes online, and we give you extra credit to buy your Live and Online tickets, allowing you to watch more films and save.

There is also an Early Bird Discount on passes in the run up to the festival, so get in there early!

Early Bird (finishes midnight 22nd May):

  • Bronze - buy for £30 and receive £40
  • Silver - buy for £50 and receive £75
  • Gold - buy for £70 and receive £120


  • Bronze - buy for £30 and receive £36
  • Silver - buy for £50 and receive £65
  • Gold - buy for £70 and receive £90

How to Use My Pass

Buy your pass and it will appear as the increased value of money on your account, held in a wallet ready for you to redeem.

Select the films you want to see - Live and Online - from the Programme and add them to your basket; at checkout you will be able to select the option to pay with this money already held in your account - the price will be reduced to £0.

If you still have credit you can repeat the process to get more films; you can top up your credit by buying another pass; or, if you fall a little short, you can always pay the difference at checkout to use up all your credit.

Pass credit cannot be used to buy more passes, or in conjunction with our Under 25’s £5 tickets.

Passes can only be redeemed through our online shop. 

Events at The Roses, Tewkesbury and ‘An Afternoon with Dame Judi’ at Pittville Pump Rooms must be booked directly with the venues, and as a consequence cannot be bought using a Festival Pass.

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